* The winning team of Futbol Depredagol-5 in any type of competition will be the one that obtains more total goals at the end of the championship or tournament.

* The winning team of the day will be the one that obtains the greater number of goals in the total of the three periods.

* In the event of a tie to goals, the team that has less time in the first period will be proclaimed champion.

* If the competition system is a tournament, obviously the trophies and awards will be delivered on the same day – it can also last several days, depending on the size of the tournament and the number of participating teams


* It may turn out that the team that wins the most matches is not exactly the winner, because the main objective of this mode of football is not the games won, but the goals achieved.



* Options:


– Regulated league equal to or similar to that organized by the Football Federations.

– Organization of tournaments in concerted cities after the creation of a calendar in countries that request it.

* Football Depredagol- 5 may choose the competition system that is more convenient or interesting for its development and expansion.