Playing Guide – Futbol Depredagol-5 Playing Guide

*1st Period: Team times

– Starting order for Teams and Players
Players during the game development will follow an order determined by their pit number and will not be changed by any circumstance, starting from the lower one to the higher one. Example: – 1,2,3,4,5–

*Game start:
-The team that starts the game is the team that is in circuit (A). Player places the ball on the starting line. Referee will give verbal warning – ready- and the table referee will turn on the red light warning of the imminent start of the game. Referee will press the green light button which will mean the start of the timer which will show the time of execution of the 2 circuit by the teams – time frame will be determined by the organization in accordance with technical estimation.
Players must save the circuit obstacles (A-B) without fail and ending with a kick to the goal without passing the 20 meter line.

– In the circuit (A) player will kick with his right leg and in circuit 8B) with is left.


*Regulations 1st Period – Team times

– Player who completes the end goal kick allows the start of his team mate at the moment he kicks the ball

-In the case that a player makes a mistake in any of the drills, he will have to rectify in order to complete his series

– In the case that the playing order is altered by any player, the team series will be canceled.

– In any case arms and hands will be allowed. If this happens, the player series will be cancelled.

– Players must finish the drill in the time established – technical estimation of the organization – in the case that a team exceeds in time, teams series will be cancelled.

– Goalkeepers will be at the side of the goal – one on each side and in a waiting zone marked waiting their turn.

*The referee

– The main referee will stand at the beginning of the game to ensure that players start correctly, and the decisions that affect de game development.

* Assistant functions

1st assistant, follow the drill course to note any discrepancy, noting the player, the action and when the drill ends notify the referee.

2nd assistant, close to the bottom line – beside the goal – perpendicular to the finish line to determine the legitimism of the goals.

*2nd table assistant
In charge of working the electronic devices – starting lights, note the goals, times completed by teams and players.


*II Period: Face to face

Players starting order:

– The referee will have record of the Team paring and players

– Two players are placed, one of each team and at their drill, one assistant will actuate the starting device

– Remote starting system: Through green and red lighting

– During this second period, players will be paired as follows:
The team with the best time, will choose their rivals for the 1st series

– After the 1st pairing series there will only be 4 players left and in the hypothetical case that all players from the same team win, obviously the face to face will finish. In the next pairings, the best individual times of each team will choose the rivals and so on until no players are left of on one of the 2 teams.

– Players will try to save obstacles without fail trying to reach the final drill of the circuit where they cross each other driving the ball around the exterior of the circuits to start over swapping circuits; the 1st to reach the finish line will determine the winner.

– The winner of the series will have one free kick to goal from the 20 meter line

– The players that do not will the face off will be eliminated of this II period. Play offs will continue until all players of one team are eliminated.



* II Period regulations

– Player with an invalid start will get one warning and will be disqualified on a 2nd invalid start. In this case, his rival will have a free kick from the 20 meter line.

– No mistakes during the drills – if there are mistakes, player must rectify

– Goal keeper cannot exit the small area to defend his goal.

– Goal keepers will stand at the sides of the goal – one on each side and at a designed place waiting to occupy his goal when it is his turn.

* The referee

– The main referee will be at the starting line to commence the game and to make sure no incorrect starts take place by the players
– He will be in charge of the game at all times and will take all decisions of what occurs during the game.

* The Assistants

– The 2 assistants will be following the player’s, one on each circuit

– They will inform the main referee of any discrepancies during the drills

– Each assistant will record the completion of the drill of each player and will confirm the correct execution
– Will be in charge of logging the goals – one assistant per team

– 2 assistants will control the electronic devices at the table

* III Period – Free kick Zone – Top 5

– 5 balls are placed on the 20 meter line with 1 meter distance between them

– Player will start with the 1st interior ball, regardless its right or left – with his “good” leg – continuing with the exterior balls finishing with the center one situated perpendicular to the goal.

– All necessary series will take place – depending of the competition system designed

– Goalkeeper will try to save goal without exiting his marked area

III Period: TOP 5

* III Period regulations

– Player will have 10’’ to complete the free kicks

– Time starts with the 1st kick which will turn on the green light and start the clock

– Time stops when the last kick takes place

– If the red light turns on, it means that player has exceeded the time allowed and series will be cancelled.

– If the player jumps the free kick order, the series is cancelled.

* The referee

– Will give the start of the kicks to the players

– Will take control of the kicks and will make all necessary decisions in the free kick area.

* Assistants

– One assistant will stand at the side of the goal line to determine if the goal is valid or not

– The other assistant will note goals of each team.

* Regulations: Teams – switch overs Teams:

– Teams will have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 players – including the goal keeper-

– Teams must wear their own uniform and number

– No teams will be allowed when a player is not identified altogether with the rest of team mates – shirt and shorts

Change overs:

– 2 change over maximum allowed per team

– It is not mandatory to have more than 5 players (7 maximum)

– Player who has been changed cannot return to the game

– A team can continue with 4 players if they do not have any more players, goal keeper must play as a field player

– At the moment that a team is left with only 3 players (including goal keeper), the team is excluded