*Promote the practice of this new modality of football in the society in general and awake the interest of the fans.


*Introduce this sport model in the professional sector as a complement of current football.


*This model is compatible with the actual football league. Its design allows that players do not suffer wear and fatigue so they can play a match within 24 hours.


*New incentives, challenges and circumstances, unknown until now in traditional football will be reflected

in this new football model.


*Training in incorporating firms to this new sport activity for its financing.

*Motivate, cheering and persuading Clubs the importance of this new sport challenge, social and economic.


* Generate illusion to practice of Futbol Depredagol-5 to everybody that wants to have a football experience with no physical contact with the adversary; with this we avoid conflicts between players.


*Improve the environment between fans of different teams with a clean show and without “referee controversy”.