Futbol depredagol-5: Model description

Futbol Depredagol-5 is designed – among other objectives – so it can complement with actual football.
The game consists of 3 periods, the 2 first periods are circuits that the layout allows the completion in a short period of time and without a big energy effort, this is one of the objectives for the possible incorporation of this innovating model to football eleven. The third and last period is a series of pitches where you have 5 balls in a 20 meter line where players shoot at the goal.
In the 2 first periods, the drills can vary in form, diversity and complexity; the ones shown are only examples of many possibilities in this new sports model.


A time is established for the teams to complete the 2 circuits – A/B – time starts when the team that is in circuit (A) previous draw for the circuits. Players must complete both circuits and drills saving all obstacles. In circuit (A) player shoots at the goal with his right leg and without passing the 20 meter line.
Once the player has completed circuit (A) he will go to – around the outside of the delimited field – towards circuit (B) where he will complete the same path as in circuit (A) but with the difference that he will use is left leg to shoot at the goal (the ball must be rolling at all times).Times will be obtained for the teams on both circuits – always that there is a goal will add to the team.

Timing will determine the winner, in case of a draw, goals in the 3 periods will decide the winner.


Couples confrontation, one of each team, each player is placed at his corresponding circuit at the start line and prepared to start their drill, previous starting moments the light – logo – will be red, when it turns green – start – players will save the obstacles until they reach the finish line situated at the end of the drill in each circuit – players will complete both circuits – will be the winner ! and will have one free kick from the 20 meter line.

*During this period individual timing will take place to determine the top scorer in the case of a draw.

3rd period: TOP

During this period, players of each team have 5 kicks from the 20 meter line. The balls are placed on the line with 1 meter in between so the last ball to be kicked is centered perpendicular to the penalty point or the split line of the playing field.

*Player starts to kick when the referee authorizes with his whistle, as soon as the 1st ball is kicked the timer starts on the scoreboard and the green light. When the player completes the 5 kicks the timer will stop and will show on the scoreboard the time and the goals scored.

*Order: Player starts with the 1st ball on his inner right if he is right handed – if he is left handed he will start with the 1st ball on his inner left – following he will continue with the balls situated on the outer side alternating right-left or vice versa – depending the start ending with the 5th ball centered with the goal. With this order, players have 3 kicks with their “good” leg and 2 with the “less good” leg.
Time: Player has 10’’to complete all kicks. Timer starts when the 1st ball is touched and ends when the 5th ball is kicked.

Note: To see all the playing system and regulations go to Playing Guide