The Futbol DepredaGol-5 can be developed in a sports facility of natural or artificial grass – covered or outdoors – and with measures of 40X60 (in the lower categories the dimensions of the pitch can be reduced).


* The material that is located in the field for the composition of the circuits is:


– 1 Mobile football goal or fixed – according to category. With its poles and stringer lined with foam.


– 1 A protection network.


– 21 cylindrical figures of foam covered with synthetic leather.


– 5 Figures of different geometry “” “”


– 1 Machine for launching balloons.


– 3 inflatable balls of 50 cm. Diameter – model logo – with lights that mark the beginning and end of the corresponding exercises of the players and teams.


– 4 Walls – 20mts x 50cms – billboards – perimeter circuit. (Optional)


– 10 Soccer balls – according to category.


* A remote control timing equipment.

* An electronic mechanism for starting the game – players exit – (optional)

* An electronic marker.