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The present general conditions of use of the web site regulate the access and the use of, including the contents and the services made available to users in and / or through the website, or by Futbol DepredaGol-5, Either by its users or by any third party. However, access and use of certain content and / or services may be subject to certain specific conditions that, in any case, will be specified on the website itself.

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There are certain services on the website which, in order to access it, require the payment of an economic consideration by the user. Specifically, for registration in championships or tournaments, the user must pay the amount corresponding to the registration of the tournament or championship in which he wishes to participate, as specified on the website for each tournament or championship, and according to the form Payment enabled for the purpose for each case.

In the event that minors are registered, it is required that they be the legal representatives of the same ones that authorize and register the minor in the tournament, being exonerated Futbol DepredaGol-5 of any type of responsibility that could be derived in case it is The minor himself, who subscribes to the tournament or championship without the consent of his parents or guardians.

It is not allowed to refund the amount paid for registration to the tournaments or championships. The impossibility of attending the sporting event or the error when making the registration does not suppose, in any case, the refund of the amount paid.

The user may not exercise the right of withdrawal or resolution, in accordance with current regulations on consumer and user and business order