Fútbol DepredaGol-5: who It’s directed?

– This football model is aimed at fans general, federations and sports clubs, sports associations, municipalities, finance companies, organizing sports events companies, etc. all / as willing to bet for this innovative model sports.

* Want to participate in the project? if you are interested and want to be part of this model Plattform, get in touch through this web mail.

* Which is its purpose?

– First model should be promoted through the Organization of a tournament or trofeo-exhibicion to be known in any field and category. THE result of the tournament and its evolution will determine which is your place on the sports scene.

– The model has several possibilities for their development and expansion, an addition to the current soccer as a complement can be one of the options.

– Become an independent Football Federation.

– As an Association of players football Depredagol-5 – similar to the tennis –

– or simply as a company that organizes tournaments.

The features of the model are so peculiar, attractive and innovative that we believe should be a claim for all the fans who will be eager to see their players showcase their talent, to show who is the best, because this model does not offer the possibility that it may have a sporting injustice, game system allows teams and players have the responsibility in its actions everything you get will be on merit and not by third-party influences, whether it wins or loses, nobody more than the players are architects of their achievements or failures.

Who would not see a Messi, Neymar, Suarez, etc. deal with Christian Bale, Benzema, etc. because this model is designed to ensure the show with the big Cracks!.

Ultimately the football DepredaGol-5 is designed to discover and beat innovative records, new challenges brought to the maximum expression, for soccer excellence.