Soccer/football eleven is the King sport in many countries, the great expectation it generates in social mass is an unquestionable fact.

Playing fields are full of fans and supporter s that unleash their passion (sometimes excessive) for their team colors.

Match rules allow both teams a constant fight on the field to achieve victory.

For this purpose, players carry out all types of legal actions inside the referee regulations; however, game circumstances always generate one or the other controversy.

Being a contact sport, there are always strong ball possessions disputes, producing all types of fouls some of these with serious injuries.

Fans encourage their teams so these reach victory by all means, sometimes, referee mistakes (these should never justify the lack of civism of some characters) or the incomprehension of fans of the regulation do not help the environment that should have a football field, while not very often, some events have had dramatic consequences.

New Sport Model

We open a new expectation of a playing system without physical contact between players in a more relaxed environment.
The intention is that Futbol Depredagol-5 is a complement to actual football, with a scenario set up that fair/clean play is assured.

Designed for a great Show

Now we can enjoy a new football sport model Futbol Depredagol-5, this specialty pretends to be a complement to football eleven, its characteristics ensure a great Show.

The best players from all categories will be challenged with the disposition and variety of circuits.
It will be a new challenge for skilled players who will please fans, the system and dynamics of the game allow spectacular actions of the players and these will show their talent in front of thousands of fans.

The skills, ball handling, the speed, coordination, agility, temple, precision and strength of ball kicking are some of the skills that players will have to show in Futbol Depredagol-5.

Futbol Depredagol-5


We know that the competitive calendar that the great teams have, is loaded with great competitions, league, cup, Champions, etc. But … and the teams that play only one competition throughout the year in first and second division? How many teams train all week to only play one day on Saturday or Sunday? and how…